Star Player Agency is a football agency representing football professionals including football players, football managers and football clubs providing them with a meticulous, thorough and professional service making sure they get nothing but the best out of their football careers. We distinct ourselves from others in the industry by providing an all-encompassing service to make sure our clients are managed at every level.

At Star Player Agency, our main objective is to make sure our clients are able to give their best by ensuring they have the right conditions and situations to perform at their very best. Our clients best interests are always at the forefront of everything we do. Some of the services we provide our clients include and are not limited to the following.


Client Representation

We make it our unwavering duty to represent football professionals and clubs providing them with a conscientious, thorough, and professional service. We make sure to take charge of anything off the field of play concerning our clients so they are able to keep a 100% focus on the pitch which in turn leads to optimum performance without any external distractions.


Contract Negotiations

With professionalism and an ethos for negotiating, we make sure our clients realise their value and always get what they are worth and more. We make certain our client’s interests are put first and secured in every negotiation. 


Endorsement Deals

We use our expertise and vast network in the industry to get our clients the deals they are worth and thereby maximise both their brand and earning potential. Endorsements have become an integral part of sports and its only right that every sports person makes the most of it whilst excelling at what they do.


Branding & Marketing

We believe these great sports personalities we represent are not only role models and people many look up to, but also brands of their own. We make sure our clients get the access and exposure that they so much need to showcase the special talents that they possess and through that make the most of their careers.

Post-Career Planning

Whilst the now is of optimum importance, we go the extra mile to make plans for the future with our individual clients so they can sleep easy knowing their future is secured. Many sports personalities face diverse difficulties in their lives once the adrenalin wears off and the big paydays are over. We make sure with good planning and careful professional choices, as well as collaboration with experts in different fields outside our areas of expertise, the future of our clients are secured for when their careers come to a close.

We work in close collaboration with the best in various industries to ensure we leave no stone unturned in all that we do.